SAT summer break IT projects – volunteers needed @ Rice Campus

Dear Team,

How are you? Just to show some snapshots of what we are working on to get hands on experience setting up some networking and installation projects. No experience is needed–will train–only a willing mind.

take care
Jeremy Hajek

Euca2ools 3.1.x works on Bash for Windows 10 14323

Bash for Windows or the Linux Subsystem for Windows

Since it is basically Ubuntu 14.04 – euca2ools should install properly. I set out to see what would happen as it would be comforting to be able to use the Linux subsystem for euca2ools work.


Following the normal process — everything worked! But one thing…


The thing to keep in mind is that Ubuntu 14.04 has its own version of the python-requests library. You need to remove this version:

sudo apt-get remove python-requests




May 5th WGN TV interview

In case you missed it last night, Jeremy’s Hajek’s interview appeared during the 9pm newscast on WGN TV last Great job Jeremy!

Link to presentation:
The evolution of the Smartphone

Just a side note, since this is the critical news rating time period for television stations (future advertising rates are set based on ratings for this month) news stories are carefully selected to generate maximum ratings. WGN News is the number one newscast in this time period. Appearing in a news story during this broadcast is significant.

DevOps Meetup w/Bryan Cantrill and Ray Krueger

Dear Friends,

Went to an amazing DevOps meetup here in Chicago and heard Bryan Cantrill (CTO of Joyent) speak. He is as advertised. Also heard from Ray Krueger, the CTO of Hilton Hotels talk about their own IT and infrastructure patterns.

They posted a video of the presentation here:

Go to about 1:40 (1 hour 40 minutes in) to hear me ask a question about debugging and tracings place in education.

I highly recommend joining and attending the DevOps Chicago meetup: (free and they usually feed you)

DevOps Chicago

Chicago, IL
1,560 DevOps professionals

This is a group of professionals (and hackers), managers, engineers (both dev and ops) and entrepreneurs coming together to learn about and share information on DevOps practic…

Next Meetup

Nicole Forsgren – My First Year at Chef: Measuring All the T…

Thursday, May 26, 2016, 5:30 PM
99 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →

Sign of honor or homenous omen? Finding your own answer to a question on the internet

I am working with Ganglia setting it up. I was searching for the right syntax to auto-accept the apache2 restart prompt. I couldn’t quite come up with the right phrasing of the this situation…

After a while searching askubuntu and serverfault I came across a good answer here:


But Something looked familiar about the answer and the comments…

Yep… that’s me giving the comment clarifying an answer. I don’t know if this is a good sign that I did this and forgot about it or a bad omen that I found my own answer and forgot about it.

Perhaps there should be a specific stackoverflow badge for this…

take care
Jeremy Hajek

AWS for PHP 3.x on Eucalyptus 4.0.2 – EC2 commands works like a charm


My mission started off to see if I could figure out how to integrate the AWS SDK for PHP v3 to use it on Eucalyptus 4.0.2 production systems.

Researching the internet turned up not much current information. But it did turn up these two original pieces of information about getting the AWS PHP SDK v1 to run from 2013.

But AWS PHP SDK 1.0 is deprecated, big time.

So what to do? Perhaps you could just make a drop in replacement? If only that was possible. It seems that AWS always modifys there API terminology per version. B

To the rescue! As of Eucalyptus 4.x branch the developers have managed to match their code perfectly and v3 api works right out of the box.

Steps to recreate:
Install the AWS PHP SDK v3 via composer following normal AWS directions

Once that is done – you need to do some reading.

Based on the two articles of the hardwork done to make the AWS PHP SDK work with Eucalyptus no longer work directly – you have to read the Aws/Ec2/Ec2Client constructor. All the information is actually encased in the previous Eucalyptus wiki articles but the constructor names have changed!

So after 10 minutes of reading I realized that this was an easy fix.
Go directly to the Elastic Compute Cloud portion of the AWS PHP SDK and scroll down to the constructor and see for yourself.


Once that work was done here is all that is needed to get the EC2 tools via PHP running:

require 'vendor/autoload.php';
use Aws\Ec2\Ec2Client;

$client = new Ec2Client([
  'scheme' => 'http',
  'endpoint' => 'Your-CLC-IP-Here:8773/',
  'validate' => false,
  'version' => '2015-10-01',
  'region' => 'us-east-1',
  'credentials' => [
     'key' => 'Your-KEY-HERE',
     'secret' => 'Your-Secret-Key_here',


$result = $client->describeInstances([



Note I hard coded the credentials for two reasons: 1 you have to change the permissions of any credentials file – like ~/.aws/crednetials because it is owned by root:root on any Eucalyptus created image.

Or you could use IAM – which I am working on =)

But at least this gets you started!

S3 is my next take but their constructor is not so straight forward.

take care
Jeremy Hajek

Eucalyptus Euca-console leap-year bug and fix

Woke up this morning to an Internal Server Error after logging into the Euca-Console.

Looking at the error logs this came up:

desktop 1_002

Leap year bug… luckily everyone else’s software caught fire so there was a quick solution here:!topic/euca-users/mqhYXCzAfaE

Fix is here:
by changing the line "expires =" to expires = in /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/Beaker-1.5.4-py2.6.egg/beaker/ and restarted the console service and it works fine.

Euca2ools 3.1.x installation and connection testing to Eucalyptus 4.0.2

For installing Euca2ools 3.1.x for use on Eucalyptus 4.0.2 (yes we are a couple of versions behind) here is the instructions and tests:

Pre-reqs may be needed: (Ubuntu)

sudo apt-get install python-setuptools python-dev libxslt1-dev libxml2 libxml2-dev zlib1g-dev

On Mac or Linux (preferably Ubuntu because the school’s VPN software doesn’t compile on RedHat/Fedora)

git clone

git branch -a

The output of the branch command will look like this:

remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/mast

This command will move the github repo HEAD to point to euca2ools 3.1 which is the
version compatible with eucalyptus 4.0.2
git checkout origin/maint-3.1

Type this command inside the euca2ools directory to install
python install (add sudo if you are on Linux - no sudo on Mac)

Note – depending on what version of Ubuntu you are using (I am looking at you Linux Mint 17.x) May have an older version of the package python-requests (which includes python-requestbuilder)


If you receive the error message above – you need to remove the python-requests default package and allow it to be installed by the python installer:
sudo apt-get remove python-requests

**Finally you need to source the credentials file you were sent (unzip the
file into a secure directory by typing: (your credential file may not be named
unzip -d creds
source eucarc

You can add this to your ~/.bashrc as well so that when you login these
credentials will be automatically sourced.

Here is how to do that – note that it includes my HOME directory and change
this to your HOME directory – best to use absolute PATH
# User specific aliases and functions
source /home/eucauser/creds/eucarc

Final test – from the command line type:
euca-describe-availability-zones verbose

Complete documentation on euca2ools usage is here:

You can log directly into the web console via going to

take care
Jeremy Hajek

Founder of gives a presentation to ITMO 544-444 on AWS cloud services